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Get started with basic form design and validation using jQuery – #1

As this being the first tutorial for beginners, let us see how to design a form with HTML5 and then validate the form fields using jQuery (a javascript library).


* A local server – Wamp Server (latest version)
* A text editor – I personally recommend latest version of target=”_blank”>Sublime Text
* Modern web browser – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE12 etc…

Assuming that you have a decent knowledge in HTML let me begin the journey. Let us quickly build a form with proper HTML tag set.

Declare the document type as HTML5 (HTML5 has advanced features that all modern browsers support) by defining <!DOCTYPE html> in the first line of the HTML page. You can simply ignore this but you cannot use the validation features and graphical element support provided by the browsers.

Form design


Before writing any jQuery script don’t forget to call the jQuery library either from http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js or locally!

And that’s it!

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