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Telegram Bot API – Search wordpress posts

In this tutorial we will search wordpress posts and list them to the user. If you are new to Telegram Bot check out the Getting started article before reading further. The previous articles on Telegram BOT did not include database connectivity and where just simple enough. Now we will be …

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Telegram Bot API – Keyboards and Callbacks

Telegram Bot Api provides a nice feature to display Keyboards and process callbacks. In this tutorial we will see how to add Keyboard and Callback functionality replacing the basic text response. Check out the Getting started with Telegram BOT if you are yet to get started. This is the continuation …

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Create a Telegram Bot API using Laravel

In this article let us create a telegram bot API using laravel. Telegram and Facebook Bots are now implemented by various popular companies to increase their customer base and keep them engaged. You can learn more about the Telegram Bot here. It is very simple to understand how it works. …

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Weather forecast API using jQuery, Ajax and PHP

Weather forecast API is widely used as widgets in small blogs to huge news website and even as widgets in many websites. Unlike other forecast widgets in this tutorial I have used a unique animation feature WebGL to create raindrops effect. The design credits goes to Codrops which permits the …

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Login with Facebook oauth API

Facebook oauth API is a concept where you allow anonymous users to access authorized content using their Facebook account. This kind of login system is what internet users prefer to quickly login to a website instead of filling up registration forms and activate account from a link. After all users …

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