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Wall post system with reactions using AngularJS

In this tutorial, let’s see how to create a wall post system using AngularJS only. Using angular it is quite easy to achieve unlike using jQuery. I have taken a look at various articles which are very effective and neatly written but the code size! With angular it is only …

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List search filter using AngularJS

List search filter has always been complicated that involves looking up for data attributes and going through a long list of words in a page. With AngularJS there is absolutely no big codes and complications. The approach is straight forward with use of ng-model for data binding.

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Private messaging with socket.io and angularjs

Private messaging is a familiar concept that everybody has knowledge of but most of the novice developers are lost while developing one. In this tutorial I have chosen socket.io and angularjs. Socket.io helps in transmitting data realtime while angularjs (MVC framework) is tightly coupled with data-binding along with DOM manipulation …

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Private chatroom using socket.io and NodeJS

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a chatroom using SOCKET.IO and NodeJS. There are various tutorials that teach how to build a chatroom with ajax but SOCKET.IO has a number of advantages over ajax. One big advantage which SocketIO is you can write both the client …

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